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Pocket God

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About Pocket God

In Pocket God, players can play a god and rule over a small island and its inhabitants. At regular intervals new episodes and extensions for the game are unlocked, so that there are always new objects, places or functions to discover.

Pocket God is an entertaining divine simulation in which you can rule over the godly Pygmy people. You decide what fate the islanders will meet and what tasks they have to deal with. You have numerous interaction options available. For example, you can equip your inhabitants with helpful objects or conjure up a powerful force of nature - depending on your mood. As new episodes and extensions appear regularly, there are always new objects, places and interactions to discover. In addition, the extensions often bring new features such as a chat function or a ranking with them.

Pocket God - Features:

  • Play God: You always wanted to play an almighty god? Then Pocket God is just right the game for you. You rule as a god over a prehistoric island which is populated by the godly Pygmy people. The inhabitants of the island are fully exposed to your forces: You determine what they do, what challenges they face and what the future of their people will look like.
  • Use your powers of the gods: Pocket God gives you plenty of options on how to interact with the Islanders. Your options range from harmless actions such as the allocation of objects to destructive actions such as invoking a force of nature. Your options are almost unlimited. For example, you can also let your islanders fly through the air or dive through the water. If your smartphone or tablet has a built-in motion sensor, it can even simulate gravity or an earthquake. Make the life of Pygmys exciting and varied. Here is no day like the other.
  • Numerous episodes: A peculiarity in Pocket God is that new episodes are unlocked regularly. These provide you with new objects, places or functions. Because of this special aspect, you can always discover something new.

Conclusion: Pocket God is a very entertaining simulation game in which your possibilities are almost limitless. Since new episodes are added regularly, there are always new features and objects to discover.

4 of 5 Look & feel
5 of 5 Handling
4 of 5 Usability
4 of 5 All in all


Pocket God
Pocket God
Pocket God
Pocket God
Pocket God
Rating: 4.0
Number of voters: 187462
Minimum iOS Version: 5.1.1
App Version: 1.48.2
App Size: 139 MB
Release: 2009-01-09
Sold by: Bolt Creative
Features: iosUniversal
Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Languages: EN
Sorry, no android data available
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