Apex Legends Mobile is coming - What to expect?

Sandra Freund 2021-01-09

Apex legends is a free to play, first person shooter, class based, battle royal style game. It is based in the Titanfall universe from the popular Titanfall games...

Apex legends is a free to play, first person shooter, class based, battle royal style game. It is based in the Titanfall universe from the popular Titanfall games. This game was massively popular in 2019 and continues to be popular. One of the best parts about it is its focus on teams and its hero based system, which are the basic classes that have their own unique abilities. The basic idea is to be the last team standing. 

 iOS and Android soft launch later in 2020, so they will be doing a soft launch first, and then doing a full launch at some point in future. But many are suspecting a full launch for the 2020 holiday season. 

 While none of these features have been confirmed, below you will find a sort of wish list of what would be nice to see for an upcoming Apex Legends Mobile game. So remember that none of these have been confirmed, and we know precious little about the upcoming game. So join in the fun of speculating on all of the great features that could be coming ot the Apex Legends Mobile game sometime late in the year 2020. 

 Cross Platform Play 

 Cross platform play should be expected where players can play with each other no matter what platform you are using to play your game. So whether you are a console player, computer player, or a strictly mobile gamer you can play with all of your friends. This seems to be the industry standard now for these type of battle royal type of games. As always those playing on a computer can have an advantage over those playing on a console, with mobile games being the least responsive. However there are some safeguards in place to make sure computer players do not outright dominate mobile game players. 

 Cost to Play

 Hopefully the price tag to play the game will be free, as this will contribute to it being immensely popular. Of course there will be a host of cash grabs with in game costs for different loot and other benefits. But hopefully there will not be any advantage to paying for upgrades, as this can damage the competitiveness of these types of games. 

 New Maps of a New Version

 Kings Canyon may be hard to navigate in a mobile game setting, so there will most likely be a reworked version of the old map. The map has been loved by fans, so we are unlikely to see a new map to replace Kings Canyon, however it is possible that in reworking the map for mobile games there should be some cool additions. One possible addition would be the ability to teleport around to map to make travel time easier with some waypoints. 

 Ease of Download

 Some of these games that are coming to the mobile platform have had relatively long download times. It would be great to see Apex Legends to be a quick and easy download. Also since not a lot of people have gigs to spare on their mobile devices it would be nice if the game did not take significant memory on devices. 

 A Solo Mode

 While we all love these types of games for getting to hang out with our friends a solo mode for Apex Legends Mobile would be ideal. In this way you could just open up the game and get into the action without having to deal with getting onto a team. While these types of games are always the best to play in groups, sometimes you just want to get in on your own and get some gaming done. 

 An Offline Mode

 Another great feature would be to have an offline mode so that you can play even when you do not have a good connection, or you just don’t want to get online to play a game. One version of this would be a battle royal where you are playing against AI’s. While this will never be as challenging as playing against actual people, this is a great way to get some practice in and to increase your master of game mechanics. You could think of it as practice for when you actually get online. 

 Another idea for an offline mode would to simply import some of the story elements from the main version that lets you play the story in linear levels. This would be fun short alternatives to the actual battle royal type games, and you could incentivize it with different challenges and weekly loot drops. 

 Batter Saving Features

 Also having an option for the game to run in low power mode, or battery saving mode would be a big plus. A lot of these graphics heavy versions of mobile games have really eaten into people’s battery lives, and it is something to be aware of as a great function for the mobile version of the Apex Legends game. Especially for Mac users who cannot roam far from a plug if they want to use their devices for long periods of time. 

 Plug and Play Controller Support

 It would be great if the developers also supported supplementary controllers that are designed to plug into your mobile device. Lots of people who have made the transition to mobile gaming are people who originally learned to game on consoles. Having a familiar controller like feel can really change a gamers experiences interacting with the game. Also, since these plug and play controllers can easily be stored in a backpack they are every bit as mobile as the device that they will be using. It would just be a smart move to offer this type of support so keep your fingers crossed.

 Hopefully there will be no delays and we will see the mobile version of Apex Legends coming out very soon. Be on the lookout for updates and news in the coming months. The expectation for this game has been high, with some fans even building their own versions of the mobile game since they cannot wait to play the mobile version of the game. 

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