Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 - What´s New?

Sandra Freund 2021-01-02

The new season of Fortnite is here, and we have you covered for all of the things you can look forward to for this season. There have been a lot of changes...

Are you ready for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3! 

 The new season of Fortnite is here, and we have you covered for all of the things you can look forward to for this season. There have been a lot of changes for this season, with a few still coming. But the biggest change this season is water! Water, water everywhere! 

 So get ready to jump right in, and check out our guide for all the news that you will need for hours of gameplay enjoyment. 


 The map is now flooded but not forever.

 Midas’s Doomsday Device has flooded the map, and many points of interest are inaccessible because they are now under water. The land has been mostly flooded and is now studded with islands, that stick up above the water. There are new locations to be discovered, and some old locations have been redesigned. So have fun exploring the new environment and all the changes made to some of the old locations. The water will recede slowly over time, and will reveal other points of interest. Until then have fun exploring this strange new Fortnite map. 


 With the map now flooded, there are several unique ways to get around. One of our favorites is mountable sharks! While they are hungry to devour items, and can be dangerous, they can be used to get around the map. You can latch onto one with a fishing rod to ride them water ski style. So watch out for sharks, they could be your best friends. But don’t get too close, and watch out for them because they can also make their way onto the land as well. If you are in need for a quick weapon, they will drop one when killed. So while technically dangerous, they are also very useful. 


 Whirlpools can be found all over the island. If you swim into one it will launch you into the air, and allow you to use your glider to get around. They are very similar in mechanics to the geysers from Chapter 1. So they can be used to travel around, and used strategically for escapes or sneak attacks. 

 Cars and trucks are coming, but are not here yet.

 This is an interesting component, and we can’t wait to see how this is going to play out. As the water recedes it will expose more roadways. So there will be an opportunity to score a sweet car or truck. Then you can drive around the island looking for fun and causing mayhem. So you will soon get your dream of driving around, but you will need to wait for some of the water to go away first. 

 Watch Out for Marauders.

 Marauders are new NPC’s that roam the land that you will need to watch out for. They are similar to henchmen from the last season. Henchmen are still around patrolling the bases that were not flooded. Marauders are not tied to a specific base, and can teleport around the map seemingly at random. When defeated they will drop useful loot. The Heavy Marauder for instance will drop an Epic RPG. They can be challenging opponents though so keep an eye out for them.

 New bosses and vaults to find and destroy. 

 Some of the bosses and vaults from last season are now underwater, and have been replaced with new bosses and vaults. These are going to be the go to places to find epic loot and gear, so you will be wanting to take a visit to all of the new vaults. Below check out some of the great new vaults below, and be on the lookout for new areas as the waters recede. 

 The Flotilla 

 On the lower left hand side of the map are a series of islands connected by zip lines. This is where you will find the boss named Ocean, defeat him and you will acquire a keycard, a bottomless chug jug, and Ocean’s assault rifle. 

 The Authority

 In in the center of the map if where you will find The Authority. This is the same general area that the agency was in the last season. There you will find the boss named Jules. Defeat Jules and you will obtain the Glider Gun, a drum gin, and the key card to this vault. 

 Catty Corner

 In the same general area as the old box factory is the Catty Corner. There you will find the boss Kit. Defeat him and you will obtain his shotgun, a shockwave grenade launcher, and the key card for the vault. This vault in particular was our favorite. We always knew that cats would one day rise up and try to overthrow us. 

 New battlepass with Aquaman.

 It’s official the Aquaman skin is here! Just like with Deadpool last season there will be a variety of challenges to unlock over time, and it should add a lot of cool elements to the game. Not only do the graphics look great for Aquaman, but with our water themed world this is sure to add hours of fun gameplay to this world. As always completing challenges in battlepass will unlock other great cool features and styles. 

 Build-a-brella to get around in style. 

 One of the most exciting things about this season is getting to make your own customizable glider with the brand spanking new Build-a-brella option. Make sure you choose your options very carefully though as it does not appear that you will be able to change your mind later. You will be able to change all types of options such as color, topper, canopy, bottom cap, trail, and other aspects. You will need to hit 95 as you level up your battlepass to unlock everything that’s currently available. This should be a great addition to the game, and we have already seen some great customizations from players. 

 Enjoy the New Season! 

 This next season is shaping up to be a great one for both veteran players and those who are new to the Fortnite franchise. Especially with so many of us stuck indoors due to COVID 19, the water theme is a great way to get into the summer spirit even if you are still stuck indoors. The animation is sleek and the engine powering the game is smooth and responsive. 

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