How to get rich quick in GTA Online? A few ways to do it:

Sandra Freund 2021-01-04

While it is always possible to just buy in game money (shark card) with real money, who wants to do that when there are so many lucrative ways...

While it is always possible to just buy in game money (shark card) with real money, who wants to do that when there are so many lucrative ways to make money in game. Of course if you would rather just play the game, and don’t want to spend time setting up your business enterprises that is fine too. Just go and play the game then and buy all the shark cards you want. For us though part of the fun of the game is getting to start from nothing and build a lucrative criminal empire. In some ways Grand Theft Auto is a great way to study how to have an entrepreneurial spirit, although to become an entrepreneur in real life it is better not to do the same things you do in Grand Theft Auto to get rich (you will go to jail). However, the principles of hustle are largely the same. 

 Below are some of our favorite tips and tricks to get rich quick in Grand Theft Auto Online. With a little hustle and hard work setting things up with the right opportunities on the front end, you will see the money rolling in before you know it. So let’s get right into the game and start planning out your criminal empire today. 


 So when you first get started in Grand Theft Auto, your first step should always be to complete the beginning pre-set missions in the regular old story mode. After you’ve done enough of those jobs where you are able to get your own nice apartment, with a good heist planning room it’s time to sit back and really plan out your criminal empire. But to do that you are going to need a good base so you are going to want to have a few cool hundred thousand in the bank say $200,000 to $300,000 to use as your starting capital. 

 After you have a good base the next thing to do is to start running some higher level heists with Lester as your point of contact. Do all of his heists and start earning some serious bank for your time. Remember that there is always a startup cost to running these heists, and you need to remember that when determining how you are going to split the rewards. You can either use your own crew (other players that you know), or random other players that you will just be partnering with for these jobs. 

 Especially the Pacific Standard Heist which is a great way to earn good money fast. Making sure you are at a higher level too can help with these higher level heights. The higher the difficulty rating that you use as well, the more money you will make at the end of the heist. So getting your level relatively high, and getting familiar with the higher difficulty rating can get you where you want to go quicker. Don’t be afraid to check out online guides as well to make acing these heights very smooth, easy, and effective. 

 Passive Income – Get Your Money to Work for You

 It is important to get some passive investments up and running as soon as possible. Think of this as putting your money to work for you. After running some higher level heists and having a good source of working capital start setting up some passive investment strategies. Once up and running these criminal enterprises will make money for you while you are off making money doing something else. 

 This is a great strategy for either a solo player or a group of players working in tandem. Buy a bunker for gunrunning, a motorcycle club, or a cocaine business. The best strategy is to have all three up and running. Then you will buy (or steal) product to turn into items that can be sold at a profit. Then while you are off doing something else the game is working to create those things that you can then go and sell (by doing a mission) for a healthy profit margin. 

 Only caution is that if your product grows too large the payoff will require multiple players to get involved which will split your profits. So keeping an eye on your business to sell more often is all you will really need to do to manage your business. 

 Vehicle and Special Cargo

 Buying an office building and vehicle warehouses is another way for even the solo player to make a lot of money relatively quickly. The beauty of this is that once set up you can still make money without having to spend all your time just doing this. For vehicle cargo you will need to first fill your warehouse with 10 unique standard and mid-range cars with no duplicates. Then every source mission that you do after you acquire all of the other standard and mid-range cars should insure that you receive a top range car. Then as the top range cars come in keep selling them, so that you can be bringing in more top range cars. This can be a steady stream of profit, and is another great stream of income for your criminal enterprises. 

 VIP Jobs 

 Also you can simply grin for money by doing heists and other jobs as they become available and as time allows. Eventually you will want to prioritize VIP jobs as they usually provide a very good return for a relatively low time commitment. Starting an organization as a VIP or CEO you will be able to look for VIP work and choose from a variety of these types of missions. They are great ways to fill your time too while you are waiting for more lucrative opportunities to pull through. 

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