Interesting Fortnite Glitches plaguing Season 3 so far - an overview.

Sandra Freund 2021-01-23

Like any other game Fortnite has seen its share of glitches since even the first game release, and this latest season of Fortnite has been no exception...

Like any other game Fortnite has seen its share of glitches since even the first game release, and this latest season of Fortnite has been no exception. Season Three is here and along with water (so much water), sharks, and fun new locations are glitches. Lots and lots of glitches. The more competitive players despise the glitches, complaining that they interrupt gameplay and can sometimes lead to surprising game results. There are other, more casual players who delight in the glitches and love finding them out and exploiting them. Most glitches will most likely be temporary, as the company behind Fortnite, Epic learns of them and develops patches. But here are some of the more interesting bugs that have been found in Fortnite Seasons 3. 

 This highly anticipated season of Fortnite has been shown to be the most glitchy of all of the Fortnite seasons, so hopefully this is not a commentary on the state of things over at Epic Games since we will be looking forward to many years of Fortnite fun to come. Some have even suspected that instead of doing a comprehensive Quality and Assurance Analysis, Epic may have rushed the game to production to take advantage of more potential players sitting at home due to COVID 19. The theory, or conspiracy theory, goes that Epic may have banked on the franchises popularity, and had the players run most of there Quality and Assurance Analysis for them which will be fixed in subsequent patches. 

 Built in Emote for Kit 

 Every skin comes with its own sets of emotes. Which are things like dances and other actions that you can do with your character. The Kit skin which is a small little cat that is controlling a robot soldier is by far the most popular. Putting together a cute little cat and a terminator like robot is hard to beat, and it is the obvious choice as favorite for a host of Fortnite players. Kits emote looks cool and is great animation, however taking that emote and applying it to different skins have had some very interesting effects. Making the skins look like they are broken, twisted, and just plain funny. Some players have even found a way to use this glitch in the game itself and not just the lobby. This one is kind of fun to do, so the game developers might not be so quick to fix it. 

 Gliding From a Helicopter

 Helicopters are littered all over the map and are placed in strategic locations. Now one of the biggest drawbacks to the helicopter and all of the other vehicles has been the amount of noise that they throughout. Fortnite being an elimination game, it makes more sense to be stealthy during the game since players could easily be set up in an ambush as they here the helicopter barreling noisily into their area.

 Very early players realized that if they could jump and redeploy from a helicopter using their glider that would give them an amazing advantage. This however is not the case, and jumping from a helicopter does not allow you to use your glider and redeploy. Instead, you fall to your death. Some players have realized though that if you land your helicopter into a whirlpool just right then you will be able to get launched into the air and redeploy using your glider. This is a pretty slick trick, though a bit overpowered one. This glitch will most likely be fixed soon. 

 Using a Boat to Teleport Into a Vault

 Being able to teleport into a vault has always been a glitch that have plagued Fortnite seasons. However, in this season some players figured out how to use a boat to teleport into a vault, and then leave with all of the goodies that were inside. This glitch will definitely go soon, so if you like to try out all of the glitches then you should go soon, and try it out for yourself. Imagine the frustration of the player who went through the trouble of fighting their way to the vault, defeating the boss, getting the key card, only to open the vault and find a boat in there with all of the good stuff gone.

 Under the Map Glitch

 In games like Fortnite there will always be the glitch of getting under the mad. Chances are that you were playing and from time to time this happened to you accidentally. Well there are ways to get under the map on purpose and some players have been using it to literally break the game. This is highly frustrating as a player when you just want to play and don’t want to worry about stuff like this happening, but it is largely unavoidable glitch in games like Fortnite. However, the ability to get under the mad seems to be very easy in some locations in Fortnite, in one location is was as easy as crouching down at the right spot in order to get under the map. 

 Infinite Metal Gas Station Glitch 

 There is a gas station in Fortnite that gives out infinite metal. You can stand there all day and get metal from banging on the pump and the pump will not be destroyed. This is a hugely overpowered glitch and it has seen players being able to construct massive structures out of metal. This glitch has already survived at least one update, so it is very interesting to see whether or not this will be fixed in future updates. 

 Happy Glitch Hunting

 So where ever you are on the spectrum from glitch lover to glitch hater, just learning to enjoy them when you come across them is probably best. We all know that you want to be the best in a game like Fortnite, but sometimes you just need to take a step back and enjoy the game. Remember that it is just a game after all and that it is meant to be enjoyed—glitches and all! 

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