The Last of Us 2 - What to expect from the new Blockbuster Game?

Sandra Freund 2021-01-15

The Last of Us in one of those rare games that stand apart from many games with a gripping story line and great gameplay mechanics...

The Last of Us in one of those rare games that stand apart from many games with a gripping story line and great gameplay mechanics. The climactic ending of the first game felt complete, and not in need of a sequel. Many games rush to put out new versions of itself often so that it can continue to be profitable. But a game like The Last of Us seeks to bring its appeal from a rich and complicated story line. Such story lines take time to develop, and now seven years later the folks at Naughty Dog are bringing us another complicated story, a sequel that does not disappoint in either story of gameplay mechanics. 

 Pre-Order Bonuses

 The Last of Us: Part II should be launching on the PS4 on Friday June 19, 2020. While you will have to wait until then to play the game, you will not have to wait if you want to make sure you get your pre-order bonuses to the game. The Last of Us 2 have two great items if you pre-order before the launch date. You will get an ammo capacity upgrade (always useful) and a crafting manual, and pre-ordering through the PlayStation store will get you an exclusive PSN avatar as well . 

 Special Editions

 There will be a variety of special editions for the Last of Us 2 as well, besides the standard version of the game. Some collectors will obviously want all versions besides the version that they will actually play, but in case you wanted to know what is currently available or you need to choose just one read on below for your options. 

 Special Edition: The Special Edition of the game retails for about 60 dollars and will include a steel bookcase, an art book, a dynamic PS4 theme, and a set of PSN avatars. The steel case is very attractive, and the dynamic themes are very well done. This will most likely be around the same price as the regular game, so if you are able to find it this would be the preferred option. 

 Collector’s Edition: For about twenty more dollars (80 dollars) you can get the Collector’s Edition which has everything that the Special Edition has plus enamel pins, the soundtrack (digital download), a digital artbook, an Ellie statue, some stickers, Ellie’s bracelet, a lithographic print, and a thank you letter. This could be a great if you are a true fan of the franchise or happen to be or know a girl gamer who is a big fan of Ellie. 

 Ellie Edition: For about a 170 dollars you can get the Ellie Edition which includes everything in the Collectors Edition plus Ellie’s backpack, the soundtrack on vinyl, and a logo patch. If you have the money this is definitely worth the money just for the backpack and vinyl record. This would make an awesome gift or just something special for yourself. The backpack alone is well worth the price tag. 

 Digital Deluxe Edition: There is also a digital deluxe edition that has many of the features of the special edition except everything is digital. This is a good option for the casual gamer, who will play the game once for the story and move on. However, more serious gamers will want to go with one of the other special versions of the game. 

 The Last of Us 2 PS4 Pro Limited Edition Bundle 

 Sony has also announced that there will be a special edition of the PS4 Pro coming out that will be special for The Last of Us: Part 2. This special edition will have engraved onto the surface of the console Ellie’s tattoo, which will feature either a fern leaf, a moth, or a butterfly. The DualShock 4 PS4 controller will also be similarly decorated. There will be a physical copy of the game (standard edition) as well as some codes for downloading some extra digital content. 

 If you someone who is thinking about buying a PS4 but has not jumped on the PS4 band wagon yet with the release of the Last of Us: Part 2 bundle now may be a good time. 

 Make Sure You Know The Last of Us: Part 1

 While game sequels try and make entries into the franchise easy, understanding that players may not be able to play earlier versions of the game. However since The Last of Us is a highly story and character driven game, it would be to your best interest to make sure you know the story for from the first game as well. The Last of Us Part 1 is available for the PS3 and it was also remastered in 2019 for the PS4. So if you have not played the game yet, or if you need a refresher, it is highly advisable to play through the Last of Us Part 1 before you start Part 2. 

 New Enemy Types in the Last of Us 2

 There are a few confirmed new enemy types that are coming on the horizon. New to the mushroom kingdom of the infected is an enemy called the Shambler. The Shambler has think fungus that acts as armor, and takes time to take down. He will spray acidic fungal clouds at you, and is very similar to bloaters from the original game. Some have even suspected that these are bloaters at a later stage in the evolution of the disease. 

 The two main human groups that have been confirmed are the Washington Liberation Front (WLF) that are organized, well equipped, and tend to kill strangers on sight. The other group are the Seraphites, a religious cult that likes to kill with bows and arrows and other sneaky tactics. 

 Oh and we can’t forget about the guard dogs. Yes there are guard dogs that work with enemy patrols. You cannot sneak up on them and they can follow your scent. While there are non-lethal ways to deal with them. They add an additional component to trying to plan out your attacks and escapes.

 Finally You Can Jump

 While this last one is a little odd and funny. Many gamers were perplexed that there was no jump function in the last game. This has since been added to the delight of many. So while you are walking through the post-apocalyptic landscape of The Last of Us be sure you can jump all you want. 

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