What are the most famous Battle Royale Games at the moment? A quick overview.

Sandra Freund 2021-01-09

There are some great Battle Royale games out there right now. The genre itself has been picking up steam in the last few years, with more and more great games...

There are some great Battle Royale games out there right now. The genre itself has been picking up steam in the last few years, with more and more great games entering into the space. There is something extremely satisfying about running around and beating opponents especially when those other opponents are other people and not faulty AI engines.

The basic concept of Battle Royale games are players are dropped randomly onto some type of map, they must find supplies, and then battle each other (either on teams or on their own) to become the winner by being the last one standing.

So if you are a fan of a Battle Royale type game, and you are looking for a new one. Or you are new to the space and looking to find a great game to get into, then this review will give you a quick overview of what are some of the best Battle Royale games out there. Read below for a quick overview not listed in any particular order.

Apex Legends

Based on the popular Titanfall game universe this Battle Royal type came has players battling it out in an ever shrinking map. Apex legends has some of the best and most realistic combat in these types of games. While it does not change as much as games like Fortnite (more on Fortnite below) it excels in its character classes and a steady influx of new heroes. Also, while there are in game purchases to enhance your abilities, unlocking everything is possible from in game money that you earn in game so theoretically you do not need to purchase anything. Although unlocking everything without making any in game purchases will take you a while.

Fortnite Battle Royal

This game has become insanely popular, using it free to play model which has been highly successful. Fortnite is similar to other games in this genre, but what makes it unique is its ability to build. As a player you can harvest resources (wood, bricks, and metal) to build a variety of structures in the game. These structures can be used to give yourself advantages over other players. You can use them as cover while being shot at, or to build more elaborate structures to protect yourself from others and make them come to you. Fortnite’s graphics are bright and fun, and very kid friendly. There is no real blood or gore, and it is fun and appropriate for kids of all ages. There are in game purchases, of course, and you can buy versions of the game that come pre-loaded with in game money. The basic game though is free, and will always be so. They change the entire game relatively frequently via their chapters and seasons, which keeps the gameplay fresh and live.

Forza Horizon 4: The Eliminator

Some people just love racing games. They do not want to run around shooting people in the head, all they want to do is get into a cool car and race their friends. This game is perfect for those who just want to race. Taking the racing sphere into the Battle Royale space was a genius move. There are so many great features in this game that is must have for most. You can collect cool cars and drive around the games amazing recreation of Britain. So have fun racing through the streets and avoiding crashing. Instead of supply drops you’ll get better car drops since everyone starts the game with the same 1965 Mini Cooper. So part of the fun is reaching the new cars before anyone else.

Call of Duty: Warzone

The Call of Duty franchise is known for its Battle Royale type games. These games being much more popular than the story version of these games, with a lot of people not even realizing that there is a story version to these games. These Call of Duty games are easily the most popular games in this type of space. The maps are huge and will be very familiar to players for have played multiplayer versions of Call of Duty. You will fight against lots of players in this massively popular game. The mechanics and equipment are similar to what you might actually find in modern warfare, and it is easily one of the most popular of these types of games. This is also a free version of the game without the need to buy the base game.

Ring of Elysium

This PC Battle Royal game takes a unique approach to the genre where not only do you need to worry about other players, and the shrinking space of the map (ring), but you also have to worry about the world itself which is thwart with natural disasters and it may be trying to kill you. The goal in this game is to be the last player standing, boarding the helicopter, and escaping this hellscape of a map.

Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG)

This game may have been the actual first game of its type in this space. It was one of the first games that let you fight it out until the last player was standing, and its success easily paved the way for most of the other games in this space. This will not be as accessible to everyone who wants to play, but if you are looking for a pure combat mechanic than this game simply cannot be beat.

Tetris 99

Tetris is here and while you would not think of Tetris as working in the Battle Royale space it has been doing very well, and is quite enjoyable. If you loved the game Tetris and you always wanted to show your friends how much better at it you are then they are, then this is the game you have been waiting for your entire life. The aim is to stay in the game as long as possible, as you will be playing against other players. And there are even bomb called tetrominoes that you can through at other players, so have fun with that too.


Okay so one of the best Battle Royale games of all times has nothing to do with running around a map and looking for loot. One of the best games in this space is feeding worm, your worm, so that it can grow into the biggest worm of all time, and eat all of the smaller worms. This strangely popular game is free to download where you can play against literally hundreds of other. 

So enjoy getting to play some of these tried and true Battle Royale games, and stay tuned because more come out every year, and it is hard to predict which ones will be the biggest hit. 

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